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Book Two in the Series
Plot and Character Development - Three Writing Skills to Consider to Create Believable Plot and Characters for a Book Series.
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always time to write

There’s Always Time to Write.

I’m not sure if other writers find that life’s tasks simply get in the way, if they do please let me know how you get over them and continue to write.

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The Final Push – The Last Few Chapters.

So in an effort to maintain momentum, and complete my novel. I have a few days off of work to concentrate solely on words, and achieve the end, sad as it is to be finishing. 

I’m going to lay down my plan and wondered if other authors wouldn’t mind contributing to this, adding in how they approach these exciting and critical days.

Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun – Chapter One

Hey, thanks for taking a look at my blog. Chapter One of my latest novel is below, open Read More