Book Release – From the Ocean to the Stream – Second Book Published.

From the Ocean to the Stream - Second Book Published

Second Book Published – From the Ocean to the Stream

I have had my second book published. You have no idea how good it feels to finally say that. ‘From the Ocean to the Stream‘ is the second part of ‘The Alaskan Adventure Series’ and is available in eBook from today; the paperback will be ready in a few days time.

The story picks up from the first, ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun‘ and is told through the eyes of Sonny’s son, Jim.

Take a look at the trailer below for a sense of the adventure, but make sure you turn the sound up for the full effect of the drama:

What would you do…

How far would you go…


In this gritty psychological thriller novel, discover one man’s fight

against the power of nature, and the greed of man.

From the Ocean to the Stream‘ is a gritty thriller and suspense story that tells of one man’s account and his battles with the greed of man and the savage brutality of the wilderness.

It can be read as a standalone book, or as part of a survival fiction series, as the sequel to ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun’.

For one so young, Jim has had more than his share of traumatic experiences. Now, he shares a simpler life with his Ma and Pa, where the mountains kiss the sun; away from the city and away from people, although at night he’s still haunted by dreams of what he’s seen and what he’s done.

Life is simple but good, until one day someone new comes into their lives to change them forever. Will he be able to extinguish his dreams, or will his new reality become more fearful than the visions of his past? Find out in the historical adventure ‘From the Ocean to the Stream’.

This is an historical adventure you can really get your TEETH into!

The book is available exclusively on Amazon and is priced at $3.99


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