Alaskan Adventure – Book Two in the Series

Book Two in the Series

Following the successful release of Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun, I am very pleased to announce the release date of book two in the series, ‘From the Ocean to the Stream’.

Book Two in the Series
Alaskan Adventure Series – Book Two in the Series

On Sunday September the 18th, I’ll be hitting the big scary publish button on Amazon to release the eBook. The paperback will follow shortly afterwards around the 20th, As the Cover Designers ( cannot create the paperback cover until the editor has finished and we have a final page count.

The cover designers have however created the front cover for Book Two in the series which is shown at the top of this page. I wanted the image to convey the same feel as the first book, Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun, with the same fonts, font sizes and layout to ensure some form of continuity.

Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun is the story of Sonny, a man who is born deep in the wilds of Alaska, living off the land and enjoying the freedom that nature provides. A series of events force him to venture out into the cities on a journey of discovery, love and hope as he faces the challenges of being an uneducated wild man in the modern world, desperately seeking his way back to ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun.

From the Ocean to the Stream is a continuation of Sonny’s story, told through his son’s eyes. An educated boy who finds himself enduring the hostility of the wild places his father loves, and finding his way among the wondrous cycles of nature. On his journey he will discovery love, loss, beauty and above, he will discover himself.

Join him on his journey. Get lost in a far away world where nature is the alpha predator and survival is the name of the game.

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Paperback and eBook - Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun
Paperback – Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun
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