There’s Always Time to Write.

always time to write

Is There Always Time to Write?

Inside my head the audience applauds.

Music plays and merriment is all around.

This isn’t because I have finally finished my first novel. Its not even because of the story line or quality of writing. Its because of the fact that I actually managed to fit the writing into a hectic life.

I have a full time day job, like many other writers. So I have to dedicate time and work to a schedule to achieve the goals I want to achieve.

I’m generally up at 0430 and writing by 0530 at my desk. This allows me to get a full 1.5 hours in before work starts. As I say, There’s Always Time to Write

My lunch break is dedicated to blog posts, critiquing others work and editing my own work. Being a photographer, editing is almost synonymous with breathing.

My day job has recently taken me to the USA, Greece and the UK, with each trip back to my home in Dubai. A hectic work schedule like this has a massive impact on my writing schedule.

But I was determined to keep to the schedule, and in fact managed to over -achieve and complete my goals ahead of the plan.

Instead of using the airports and flights as an excuse not to write, I checked in early, sat in the lounges and wrote.

On the plane, the fantastic array of entertainment on Emirates flights wasn’t even enough to deter me.

Working from the larger new iPad with the fold out keyboard, I was able to sit on the planes and continue to write. I wrote so much and fell into the flow so well that the meals were rejected so I didn’t have to temporarily give up my table space. I could continue to write.

Using the new iPad, I find I am able to write pretty much anywhere without lugging a heavy laptop around. This keeps my mind in the ‘zone’ and virtually any down time is turned into writing time.

Its a luxury for me as I type now, sat at my desk using a real keyboard and mouse.

My manuscript is being sent to the editor this weekend while I complete my cover layout.

I can then upload my first eBook to Amazon two weeks early…this means I’ll start the sequel two weeks early too. Its just so motivating for me.

I’m not sure if other writers find that life’s tasks simply get in the way, if they do please let me know how you get over them and continue to write.


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