Paperback and eBook – Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

Plot and Character Development - Three Writing Skills to Consider to Create Believable Plot and Characters for a Book Series.

Paperback and eBook Release

Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun, I am extremely happy to say,  is now available in both Paperback and eBook and I am more than happy with over 100 downloads of the eBook in the first week. It’s a great start to the book’s shelf life, although it’s looking kind of lonely up there on its own at the minute.

Part Two in the Series

Well, I cant have something I worked so hard on for so long sitting there by itself, so I am pleased to say that my writing schedule has increased, and book two is due to be released in October of this year.

Writing and Self-Publishing involves navigating a steep learning curve. Not only do we have to create an awesome story, but the formatting, cover design and logistics of it all need to be considered.

First things first, I have noticed almost immediately that my writing in the second novel, ‘From the Ocean to the Stream’ has improved significantly, since I began writing the first in the Alaskan Adventure series. That’s likely a result of having to go back through the first book, ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun’ about a dozen times making changes.  This time around, I am more aware of my original mistakes and the book is just flying along.

I am averaging 1,000 to 1,500 words per day, with 5,000 at the weekends. So I am well on track for the release of Part Two.

The story is a continuation of the first book, or may be read as a standalone, this in itself is a challenge, by which I mean there can be no assumptions that the reader has actually read the first book, but on the flip side, the readers that have read the first book shouldn’t be bored by repeating story lines or lengthy  explanations.

I also found that the plot itself is far more mature than the first book. It’s straight into the action with a wild and furious initial chapter that mellows into the next few chapters as the depth of the story emerges. Then the roller-coaster of excitement takes off again, taking the reader on a wild ride through the wilderness of Alaska that end with a crescendo of action and emotion.

If you do read the first part, ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun’ please help and leave a review on Amazon, not only does this help the next buyer, but it also gives us as authors, direct feedback.

Thanks for reading.


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