Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun – A Novel by J.D.Weston

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Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

When I first starting writing¬†Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun, I wasn’t in a great place in my own mind.

Both inside and outside of work wasn’t really going well for me, but writing was an escape. I’d go to cafe with my laptop and sit for hours at the weekends, lost in this world I was dreaming up.

I found myself emotionally attached to the story and the characters. I developed the plot to be thicker, the characters deeper and before long, I realized that, Wow, this isn’t bad.

A good friend of mine is also friends with a well known author, whose advise was to just to spew the words out on a page, get the story out, then go back and fix it, mix it up and build a story out the bits.

So I did.

I spat those words out over a period of 12 months, the re-worked the chapters and paragraphs, eventually re-working the sentences to read and flow well.

I am proud to say that as of yesterday. You can now buy the book on amazon.

My very first published book.

What is even more exciting is that the bug has me in its sharp little teeth, I’m now so far into the sequel, “From the Ocean to the Stream‘ that I can see the end. The two books compliment each other with a shared mix of action & adventure, with a hint of love, war and hope.

So where do I go from here? Well, I have been on a new series. An action adventure series set in the Middle East. Shifting Sands is not about your typical, super rich, super tough guys who save the world or whatever, although I do read those myself. Shifting Sands is about two expats, stuck in the middle of a war, how they cope, how they survive and how they thrive.

Thanks for reading.


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