Free eBook – Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

Free eBook

Free eBook – Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

Free eBook for all those who like to read adventure,/thriller/survival novel and also like free eBooks. That’s not a bad deal!

The book is recently published and is free for a limited period only, so feel free to help yourselves from Amazon.  

Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

Born and raised in the wilds of Alaska, life was simple for Sonny. Living off the land with just his Ma, Pa and faithful hound, Bam, for company. Life was beautiful, until one day everything changed, and Sonny left nature to seek his future in the big city. Follow his battle to overcome adversity and to adapt to the city folk, as he is thrust into situations that could break a man, in this tale of love and loss, of family tragedies and danger. Would he ever make it back to where his dreams lay; in the place where the mountains.

For all those who like the book, sit tight, the sequel, ‘From the Ocean to the Stream’ is being written write now, well as soon as finish this blog post anyway.

The story continues, deep in the Alaskan wilderness back in the 20th century in a time when life was simple and hard, but the air was clean and pure.  The story takes the reader on an emotional ride as vengeance and retribution lead our heroes into the battle field.

‘From the Ocean to the Stream’ will be released in October followed very quickly by the first in a new action/adventure series based in Dubai. Follow the troubles of two western expats as they seek shelter from the rage that tears through the expat community at the hands of a crazed terrorist mastermind.

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