Challenges of my First Book – Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

first book published

The Challenges of My First Book Being Published.

When I set out to get my first book published, I honestly had no idea of the challenges I would face.

Seriously, I love writing, so that part seemed easy but the rest, well that just happens doesn’t it? No. No it doesn’t.

In reality the story came easily. In the words of Wayne Stinnett, I’m a ‘story teller’, not an author. Well that part was evident during the two month process of self editing. I preferred to hand it to the real editor in as best shape I could, being as I’m having my first book published, I want everything to be just right.

Then came selecting the cover image and page layout. I’m a photographer so I figured I’d use one of my shots from a recent trip to Montana. Oh no, reality came and slapped me in the face once again. I tried to make them look convincing, but they were terrible really.

So I contacted,  they are amazing!

I selected a cover and they came back to me in less than 24 hours with a sample. Wow! I was blown away.

Now, as i wait for my editor to come back to me, probably with another slap in the face, I’m faced with tidying up the rest of the tasks that need completing.

Theres a dedication page, copyright and blurb to think about, then during the upload process there is keywords, categories and other stuff to think about.

Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m having a rant. Honestly I’m not. I find the whole process fascinating.

I’m already 20,000 words into my next book and have two more planned in my head, roughly anyway. Who knows what route they will take?

So, for anyone who has never written and self-published a book and is thinking about it. Do it. But make a plan and do it right.

I’m looking forward to the next time around when all of this becomes second nature.


first book published
Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun – first book published,
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