Creating a Cover Page for a Novel…Not the Easiest Part of Being an Indie!

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Creating a Cover Page

Who knew that creating a cover page for the book I have written would be so involved and difficult. I mean, its the first thing prospective readers see, so it needs to attract them enough to at least get them to read the blurb.

I honestly thought this would be the easiest part. How wrong I was.

So far, the manuscript has been sent to the editor, along with the blurb. All of my dedication pages and copyright pages are in tact and ready to rock.

As far as the cover page is concerned, I have whittled down the images to one that appeals to all those I have asked.

I actually had to contact the professionals at to help me.

Below are a few options for my book cover. I’m sure you be able to spot the ones I created and the much more professional option from thecovercollection.

So if you are a first time author like myself and you are struggling with the cover page, like me you totally underestimated the complexities. Do yourself a favor, contact Debbie at the thecovercollection.

If you are planning on releasing a paperback version too, for a little extra outlay they will provide you all the formats of your selected image in the right size and format. Seriously, when Debbie contacted me last to discuss the paperback through Create Space, i felt my blood pressure release.

All that remains is for me to work out exactly how many pages there will be in my book, which I am not sure of as I only have it in Word format, and for me to decide on the paper type.

Have a loo at the difference in quality between my own images and Debbie’s below…I know what I will be doing in the future.

Any other feedback you may wish to give is also very welcome.

Cover Page - Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun
Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun – Cover Page

COVER 7.jpg

Thank you in advance kind people of


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