Construction Photography Tips – A Fun Challenge for Photographers

Construction Photography

Construction Photography is something that is often overlooked, as the images portray unfinished buildings that look far less glamorous than images that immaculate, well-groomed and clean finished buildings.

However, there is a certain pleasure that I get from construction photography. Quite often there are great vanishing points, stunning lines and textures and lots going on. Its not just a building that’s sat there as buildings do. Construction photography shows how alive the building is, with cranes, personnel lifts, lorries and tradesmen all over the structure working hard to get the project done on schedule.

My construction photography is regularly featured in BSBG Blog posts, and as time goes on, the images tell a real story of the development of the project. From quite literally a hole in the ground, to quite literally 50 story towers with gleaming glass and manicured landscapes.

I wrote a blog post on this for BSBG a while back, but its something I thought I’d re-visit as construction photography is a great way for beginners to really challenge everything they have learned.

The light is typically harsh in Dubai, which is great for lighting the exterior, but this tends to highlight the dark shadows lying under the concrete slabs of the floors.

Quite often there will trash or waste materials lying in the shot, how do you make this become part of your composition effectively. You cant after all ask them to move it so you can take a photo.

What features of the building do you think the architect or designers really want to stand out? What makes the building unique? How do you get that element in the frame?

Here’s a few construction photography tips to get you started:

  • Make sure you do not go onto the site to take photos, lets put that out there. Its not a playground for photographers, its a dangerous place to be. So find a site that you can walk around the edges of and get good perspectives.
  • Think about the suns position at the time of day in relation to your chosen view point?
  • Visit the site before you shoot? Recommended where possible for all types of photography.
  • Can you get a nearby landmark in the frame? Location perspective helps people identify with an image.
  • Look for vanishing points, leading lines and contrast.

Go and enjoy and be safe.


Construction Photography
Dubai, UAE, 6th January 2017. Bluewaters Island, home to the Dubai Eye, which will be the worlds largest ferris wheel, and is opposite tourist destination Jumeirah Beach Walk, has an estimated one year to completion and is developing rapidly. the island is entirely man-made and lies adjacent to the Palm Jumeriah. John Weston
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