The Final Push – The Last Few Chapters.

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So in an effort to maintain momentum, and complete the last few chapters of my novel. I have a few days off of work to concentrate solely on words, and achieve the end, sad as it is to be finishing.

I’m going to lay down my plan and wondered if other authors wouldn’t mind contributing to this, adding in how they approach these exciting and critical days.

So, my story is coming to an end. It is mostly beta read and will all be beta read in two weeks time. The editor is lined up and I’m heading to Montana on Friday to take the photo for the cover. I cannot wait for that!

All I need to do is finish the last few chapters.  I have a crescendo planned, and need to be focused on this to make it the best I can.

So here is my plan…

  • Wednesday and Thursday  – Finish the story. 10,000 words, shouldn’t be an issue. I have the days off work and will turn off all interruptions and distractions.
  • Thursday night – send to beta readers and print a copy for myself.
  • Friday – fly to Montana for two weeks in the mountains, taking photos and hiking and mostly forgetting about the book (apart from the cover photo).
  • 2 weeks time – Return from MT and pick up notes from beta readers, applying their comments to the manuscript.
  • Sit and read through once more, before sending to Editor.
  • Work on cover photo and get design finalized.
  • Work on blurb and ask beta readers for feedback.
  • End of July, (6 weeks from now) hit the big scary publish button.

Does that sound about right? Have I missed anything? Is there a better way to finish this?

Would appreciate any thoughts…I have book two on chapter two in my head already….



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