Trying New Things; Architectural and Interior Design

I’m always game to try new techniques, styles and generally expand my skill set.  I recently found myself involved in Interior Design and Architectural photography.  I have a friend who has a contract for hotel photography so I kind of had an idea of what he set up an interior shot, from conversations, but nothing prepared me for the complexity involved.  And as for exterior shots, taking photos of construction sites, capturing the detail and making the shots arty is a whole new challenge.  The architects want to see the detail, the clients want to see the bigger picture, and the marketers want a pleasing shot.

Light as a photographer, light is key to making or breaking a shot, yet when you need it in the corners of a room, its not there, and when you don’t need it, its there in large amounts.   Anyway, I’m getting there, and I’m enjoying the learning curve, albeit vertical.  Heres a few shots from recent shoots.  I hope you enjoy, and I’m keen top progress and keep them coming.

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Theres always room for improvement, but these are few of my favourites from my venture into the world of Architecture and Interior Design.  As ever, Im always keen to hear feedback.

John for my photography for my outdoor life.

Please enjoy.

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