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desert photography

Desert photography is something I love. Its a place to create contrast.

Living in Dubai, I’m surrounded by desert.  Sand gets absolutely everywhere and is hot enough to burn the soles of your feet, but at certain times of the day, when the sun is low and shadows are long, its simply incredible.  The wind shifts the sand daily which produces a different landscape every time I go there.  Imagine looking out your window one morning to find someone had re-arranged the trees and hills, that’s what the desert is like, and who knows how long I’ll be here, so I plan to make the most of it until some other country introduces some other beauty of nature for me to indulge in and learn to photograph.

You may think that desert photography is just a landscape, just a bunch of sand that got son for miles and there’s no water and some guy called Lawrence went for a walk in it.  But the desert is an extreme.  Its extremely bloody hot, the sand on your skin and in your eyes feels like punishment and walking in it is like walking in syrup; your boots fill up with sand, it takes 4 steps to move forward 1 step and did I mention its hot?

But…it is an extreme, so gathering all our creativeness, my friend Danny and I took some props out there to see what happened.  I’m over the moon with the resulting shots, but it really is just the start.  The extremeness of the desert, screams out for contrast, its a powerful place that allows you to create powerful images, and really there’s only two colors; blue and yellow.  It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

Please do enjoy these shots.  You can find more at, and Danny’s can be found at


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