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Photographer in Dubai

As a photographer in Dubai, home of extravagant towers, world class restaurants and beautiful people from all corners of the world, John’s photography work specialises in Architecture & Interior Design, Food & Drink and Creative Portraits.

Working directly as an in-house photographer for a leading Dubai Architect Practice, he is able to follow ground breaking projects from concept & design through the project completion.

With a passion for Food & Drink, John’s photography studio has a specific area that caters directly for capturing mouth watering, palette pleasing dishes with delightful natural light from the huge windows and an array of lights to create the perfect moment.

John’s vision for creative portraits reflects his creative side even further. Props, fans and materials are mixed with a variety of locations to create unique images, designed to illustrate the moment perfectly.


As a Dubai based writer, John’s work is heavily influenced by his love of the outdoors and all things natural. Wild landscapes are illustrated through dramatic and vivid descriptions, whilst his characters take a form of their own as the reader is whisked away into the very root of their minds.

At the very forefront of John’s writing is the desire to take the reader away into another world; into a world he has crafted, with the characters he has developed and into stories that are there to be told.

In John’s own words, “I just love to sit and create these whole new places, with new people and new feelings; nothing is impossible.”


Being both a photographer in Dubai and a writer exposes John to a wonderful array of voices, cultures and experiences that is able to use to express his wild imagination through the imagery of both his photos and writing.

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